Failure vs. Expectations

“No man is more unhappy than he who never faces adversity, for he never has to prove himself.”  ~Seneca

Picture this…

Thanksgiving, circa (insert date).  As you step back from grinding away in the kitchen for what seems like days, the smell of a perfectly cooked turkey, wafting through the house with hints of the appropriate sides of sweet potatoes with cinnamon, oyster dressing, green beans & pecan pie hit your nose.  Friends and family discussing winners of the upcoming football games, the hottest fashion trends, Black Friday game plans, and kids roughhousing because all technology has been disconnected for the day.  Not much else is needed to set high expectations of a wonderful day of food and fellowship.  This is your first attempt at feeding the multitude for any holiday, much less Thanksgiving, the Super Bowl of all holiday meals.  Your first time venturing into the culinary unknown, to stake your claim in the Holiday Hall of Fame.  You can already picture your confident bust sitting behind the museum glass.

As places are taken to begin the meal, an intense euphoria overcomes those deciding where to start on their plate…but first…the blessing.  A word of thanks for the bounty He has bestowed upon us, the togetherness of those who may have traveled vast distances, and a plea to watch over those less fortunate than ourselves; reminds us of the abundance of grace He has shown to us.  Amen…

Then, with the onset symphony of clinging forks, the bickering begins!  “Your mother accusing my mother of buying cheap hot dogs”, the absence of salt on the dinner table, and the false assertion that no one wants/needs any.  Political stumping back & forth about the State of the Union, while pontificating what you would change as leader of the free world.

Like a scene straight out of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, you feel your heart drop.  Like Clark Griswold as he carves into a deflating turkey, you can feel the air escape the room.  Actually, that would be the heightened expectations of a perfect holiday feast being crushed by reality, like Thor at a whack-a-mole game. Pulverized into emotions of Thanksgiving feast failure, and a familiar negative inner whisper of why did I even bother to cook such a glorious meal.  Wasn’t this going to happen anyway?  Truth is, was it really a Thanksgiving feast failure?  Of course not, the food was amazing!  Even the kids tried the oyster stuffing and asked for seconds.  Were the expectations of perfection healthy?  Hell no!  Good, bad or indifferent, folks are not gonna change just because of the setting or the season.  Any other day, you enjoy stoking the political fire of your elders, just to watch the uproar.  Why would today be any different? Why would increased expectations automatically declare the meal a failure?   Why would anyone let their inner whisper dictate the winning, or in this case, the perceived losing of the title of Feast MVP?  Which brings me to my point…and the crossroads that brought me here to my first blog post.

I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while now.  Trying to brainstorm my vision of a blog.  Coming up with topic ideas that I would enjoy talking about, and that others may benefit from & enjoy as well.  Learning how to create a website, and the vibe I want to put forth, etc etc.  I kept arguing internally that because this is uncharted waters for me, I would not be successful.  That failure is inevitable.  I likened the blog to a New Year’s resolution, where I come out of the gates like a thoroughbred, only to stumble and give up at the first turn.  Through this self doubt, my expectations became extremely low, and the possibility of failure high.  I thought about all the things that I had failed at, my marriage, numerous exercise regimens, beating my son at Chinese checkers, to name just a few.  Traveling into the unknown can sometimes do this to the best of intentions, and a persons past can sometimes fill your mind with doubt.  I, on the other hand, refused to give in to this self loathing attitude.  I refused to remain comfortably situated in the bubble of what I know.  Again, I thought about my failures, but this time I was reminded of all the things that I learned from those experiences.  It made me realize just how unique I am to have gone through these life events, sometimes hellish in nature, and how much stronger they have made me.  Time and again, we all hear a version of the words “the only regrets we have, are the risks we don’t take.” With those ideals and the growth I have gained through failure, I decided to take the leap.  To dive head first into something that would allow me to portray creativity, uniqueness, and give it a platform to share & connect with all of you.  My attitude changed as well from a place of low expectation and high probability of failure to an attitude of high expectation and zero probability of failure.

Sure, there is always a chance that this blog may not take off.  Chances are, things won’t go the way I expect them to.  Enjoy the ride!  Folks may not enjoy or benefit from my posts, and I may decide to pull the plug, but I will never consider this experience a failure.  I will have learned new skills regarding website creation, maintaining a blog, interacting with folks from all walks of life, and even marketing.  Not to mention, the adventure of trying something completely out of my comfort zone, and the growth that takes place from blazing the trail within, as well as externally by connecting with all of you!

So, without further ado, LETS GET READY TO HUSTLE…..