5 Essentials for a Kick-Ass Super Bowl Party

“The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.” ~ Vince Lombardi

Once again, the big game is upon us!  The #Dab vs. #Omaha.  It doesn’t matter if your team is competing for the Lombardi Trophy or not, it’s time to shine with the best Super Bowl party on the block.  This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl, and whether you are a veteran or a rookie, here are 5 essentials that are sure to make you victorious in the neighborhood SB party playoff…you can #Dab on that ass come Monday.

  1.  Decorations- No true Super Bowl party is complete without some football themed decorations.  If you are a Broncos or Panthers fan, then head on down to your local Party City to grab all your appropriate gear.  Streamers, pennants, cut-outs, plates & cups, pinatas, coozies and even party favors for your guests.   Grab some of each team (it is a good idea) if you want to keep the peace and rack up the guest roster.  If your team is not playing or you want to remain neutral, no worries, this year is a little bit easier to find the perfect ensemble due to the fact it is the 50th anniversary. You should find plenty of decorations for every taste.
  2. Drinks- Duh.  You want to keep your fans hydrated, right?  This essential spans the liquid spectrum.  Beer —> H2O and a few things in between.  Lets start with beer. Everyone has their go to brew, but not everyone has your exquisite (or lack of) taste. Pick up some craft brews, along with the ole stand by of Bud Light or, because Denver is playing in the SB, Coors Light.  Just be sure to have a few ice bucket stations set up around the house.  This ensures less congestion in the kitchen, and more chances for folks to mingle.  If your game day roster is too large, or too picky to support your beer budget, get an assortment of 2-3 mini-kegs and let others BYOB to fill in the gap.  There will surely be designated drivers for those outside your neighborhood, plus kids at your SB blowout, so don’t forget about them.  Have plenty of non-alcoholic choices like water, soda and juice boxes on hand for them, as well as those who will need a water back between trips to the keg.  After all, you may not want Eddie from up the street trying to chest bump your mother-in-law during the halftime show…unless you don’t mind both of them being on injured reserve…
  3. Food- This is where Super Bowl legends are made.  The right menu can pave your way to the SB party Hall of Fame, but the wrong one can send you straight to the Wall of Shame.  In my opinion, if you can’t win with the food, then you might as well retire. Variety is the spice of life here.  Make damn sure you run the gamut from finger foods to heavier chow like chili that can balance out the consumption of beer. Sandwiches of the bite size portion, and chips & dips are staples.  Peel and eat shrimp are a big hit.  And if there are some left at halftime, this would be a good way to excuse yourself from the Coldplay set.  Wings are the quintessential game day food, and whether you cook them yourself, or purchase them from the nearby watering hole, you damn well better have some.  In all flavors.  With ranch & blue cheese.  And celery sticks.  As I mentioned before, heartier fare like chili or gumbo are a must to soak up some of the alcohol and keep your roster well satiated.  Fans like to graze, so make sure you have plenty to last through the post game interviews, with a couple troughs set up throughout the house so guests don’t have to miss one “Omaha” from Sheriff Manning.
  4. NFL Super Bowl Party Pool- You want to take you party game to the next level?  Add a little more excitement, and keep everyone glued to the game no matter what the score.  Behold, the ole office pool square board.  It is the trick play in your repertoire that will keep your neighborhood party opponents scratching their heads.  The go to board is the 10 x 10, but there are different flavors depending on the number of guests (or the frugality) you have on the roster.  This will put a little friendly skin in the game as you watch, and even women have been known to become interested as each quarter draws to a close.
  5. Games- Last but not least is Super Bowl games.  Unfortunately, not everyone at your party will be glued to the TV just for the game.  Nor do they feel the need to drink to each Dab or Omaha.  This is where your armchair quarterback training comes in. Throw the defense an audible and pull out the games!  It will keep everyone engaged and having fun, including the kids!  For starters, make a few paper footballs (triangles), dedicate a small, slick surface as the gridiron and have a little Super Bowl of your own.  This could include the kiddos, as well as bring you back to your youth.  Do this pregame to get everyone in the right mindset to cheer.  Other games include commercial bingo & football bingo.  The links provide printable templates, and the party favors your bought earlier will come in handy for the winners.  For the kids that are tired of romping around, there is the football word jumble, Super Bowl Trivia (adults too), and my favorite, the Super Bowl Smackdown, which even leans a bit on the educational side.

Now that you have the ultimate playbook for a victorious Super Bowl 50 party, its time to go out and execute!  Create the next Super Bowl party dynasty this year…don’t be like Scott Norwood and squander your chance at glory by shanking the winning kick wide right. Laces out bro, and #KeepPounding!