Harper Lee, Southern literary icon…

Harper Lee, you were a Southern literary icon.  Born and raised in rural Alabama. Ironically, as a descendant of Confederate Civil War General Robert E. Lee, you wrote a book about racial injustices during the Jim Crow era of the south.  A book that has been deemed, appropriately, the best novel of the 20th Century.  As a fiercely private person, those may say they never knew the woman behind the novel.  I disagree.  I believe your essence flows through the pages of “To Kill a Mockingbird”.  Your portrayal of life in the rural Jim Crow south were spot on, and, even as a high school student reading it for the first time, felt transcended into that time period.  I felt empathy for Atticus & Tom Robinson, and at times felt as though I was looking squarely through the eyes of Scout. One of the true classics of literature!

Thank you Harper Lee, you will be missed, but your literary legacy will carry on for generations.  Rest peacefully…

Author: Adam C. Grandle

Born and raised in the south. Spent the majority of my youth in the mountains of Virginia, and have been migrating southward ever since. Got my degree in Psychology from East Carolina University, an Associates degree in Funeral Service Management from Gupton-Jones in Metro Atlanta, and most recently my MBA from the University of West Georgia in Carrollton. I'm a laid back dude who wants to portray the life I live (the southern way of life) through this blog. My experiences and unique perception will keep you on your toes, or in stitches...but either way it will keep you coming back for more. From seersucker suits to sweet tea, I love all things southern. Follow me to find out why.

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