1. situated in the south or directed toward or facing the south.
    “the southern hemisphere”
  2. living in or originating from the south.
    “the southern rural farmers”

This is how Merriam-Webster defines the word “Southern”.  For a logical, tight-assed, do not deviate from the path, compass rose loving cartographer, this may seem accurate.  But to anyone who has lived or spent any amount of time in the South, the word Southern means so much more!  It’s not just a direction on a map, it’s the blueprint for a way of life.  A network of norms, cultures, expressions, and passions that have been interwoven since the first settlers arrived…where…in the South.  It is these traits that make us Southerners unique.  Hell, it ain’t just the sweet tea and sun-kissed beaches that attract folks (not from the South) here for short vacations, extended seasons and retirement.

For that reason, I feel compelled to do my part to explore and expose as much of these beautiful traits as possible.  Through my life’s hustle, as a dad, foodie, adventurer, I (and a few friends) will be sharing with you our uniquely Southern perception through this blog.  So that future generations may continue to preserve & weave their fabric into our Southern culture.

Disclaimer:  You will laugh, you may shed a few tears.  You will be pissed off, but you will also  empathetically nod your head in agreeance.  After all, don’t these piqued emotions hit right at the core of how passionate we Southerns are?  Plus, I’ll leave the politickin, for the lunatics, errr, the politicians…